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Team FRS – Team Tefilah (Prayer)


It takes so many people to give our community a truly uplifting experience when they come to shul. We want everyone who comes to FRS to feel a sense of welcome and belonging from the moment they walk through the door, throughout the service, at kiddush, and right up to when they leave.

Our new Team Tefilah will include members with a whole range of interests and skills. Here are some of the different areas:

Service Hosts (in person and online)
What does the role involve?
This is similar to the welcoming role in the past, except our service hosts will keep an eye on the community throughout the service – from greeting people at the door (or when they arrive in the Zoom room), to helping make sure they are not alone at kiddush. Just like when being a host in your own home, you'll try to make sure people are as comfortable as possible. The role will sometimes also involve accompanying those who are coming up for life cycle events, helping them to feel comfortable in services, and encouraging members to take on small roles like opening the ark. 
What skills or experience do you need?
A warm and friendly demeanour.

Kiddush Team Leaders
What does the role involve?
We are forming a group of team leaders to help co-ordinate and run our kiddush rotas, and to help whoever is on kiddush duty that week on a rolling basis (say once a month). The need for a good kiddush is perhaps one of the few things that nearly all Jews agree on! By being a Kiddush team leader, you'll be playing a central part in our community's life.
What skills or experience do you need?
To be happy to organise people.

What does the role involve?
FRS musicians enhance our services, alongside Cantor Zöe, Mich, and the team leading our music that week. We especially welcome guitar players and singers for Friday night, Shabbat morning, and festivals.
What skills or experience do you need?
The ability to play the guitar and follow chords, and / or to sing confidently. It helps to have a good knowledge of the prayers and of the melodies we use regularly, but if you don’t, you’ll learn them quickly by being a part of this team!

If music leading in services doesn't feel right for you, but you love to sing, you’d be welcome to join our choir, who sing at services and events a few times a year. Contact

Service Leaders
What does the role involve?
There are a number of times that we ask lay leaders to run our services. For example:
* B'Yachad - our inclusive, interactive, multi-sensory service.
* Co officiating by leading part of the service with our clergy, or being part of a team leading the service without clergy representation. 
* Leading children's services for different ages.
What skills or experience do you need?
A good knowledge of the liturgy. For our main services, you also need to be familiar with the way FRS services are run.

If you'd like to find out more, please fill in this short form and one of our team leaders will be in touch.

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Wed, 29 May 2024 21 Iyar 5784