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Beyond FRS

This page dedicates itself to all the events and communities beyond FRS. You can find this page in our weekly FRS news email or through our website. Please scroll down to view more.

David Lewin writes how during the Covid Lockdown, when we were all confined to our homes, he spent his time reupholstering an 1850's Throne Chair, as well as their 6 Dining Room chairs. 

''That exercise proved to be great fun - as well as teaching me a practical skill I did not know I had before then. I continued to upholster chairs for friends and when that source dwindled - I mean the chairs, not the friends‚  I turned to Bnai Brith whose members we have been for past 60 years. When Russia invaded Ukraine I resolved to help the Bnai Brith Ukraine Appeal. I suggested to people to learn from professional upholsterers the cost of renewing their chairs and offered to do that work for HALF that price, with all surplus income going to the Ukraine Fund. Sadly, the Ukraine war still continues. I would like now to reach the members of FRS and to tell them about my work, in the hope that my raising funds for Ukraine can continue and grow.''

If you would like to purchase a copy of the fantastic 'Being Rina', the collected writing of the Late Rina Wolfson, put together by her husband Paul Harris, you can do so now through Betty's Bike.

JMI's annual 2-day Youth Big Band Summer Workshop takes place at the end of August this year at the Vortex Jazz Club in Dalston. 

Sam Eastmond will once again be imparting his expert musicianship by introducing participants to the wonderful world of Jewish jazz, Jewish modes and scales, improv techniques, solo and ensemble playing and his own unique compositions.

There will also be an exciting opportunity for those who take part to perform in an afternoon concert at the Vortex on Sunday 8 September!

Bridge Music Therapy
For many of us, finding ways to express the challenges we face may prove difficult, here at Bridge Music Therapy we provide therapeutic support to people of all ages and abilities. Bridge Music Therapy was created by Emily Raiher who works with Singing for Memory.
Click here to enquire

Nip in the Bud mental health resources
The charity Nip in the Bud produces free online mental health resources for parents, teaching staff and others working with children.
In the new film, 'Trauma in Children', we hear from young people who witnessed the Grenfell tower tragedy. The film is presented by David Trickey, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the Anna Freud Centre and by Dr Sian Williams, a chartered psychologist and journalist.
Click here to access resources such as short animations, films, and blogs about trauma and PTSD. 

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