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Kochavim (stars) is our supplementary education programme for children in Reception – Year 5. (Reception children are invited to join Kochavim after February half term, giving them time to settle into school before joining us.)

Kochavim takes place on Sunday mornings during term time. The timing for the remainder of this term is 9.30-11.45am.  From January, this will change to finishing at 12 noon.

September 2021 
From September we will have all year groups back in person at our temporary home, Rubens House.  But we will be keeping year groups in bubbles and continuing some social distancing in order to keep everyone safe and comfortable.  We will keep all those enrolled at Kochavim up to date.

Please note our current Covid guidelines which, while they go above and beyond current government guidance, FRS has decided to keep to, in line with many other synagogues, in order to mitigate the spread of Covid within the community as far as possible.

Suspected Covid case in a household:
The child with a suspected case is to stay away from FRS activities until the case has been confrimed as negative.

Confirmed Covid case in a household:
No family member may attend any FRS activity until ten days after the onset of the symptoms of the positive case within their household.

Thank you for your cooperation.

What is Kochavim all about?

The FRS Education team believe that learning about Judaism, and becoming a participating member of the Jewish community, doesn't happen simply by attending religion school once a week.

Our philosophy is that there are many ways to learn what it is to be Jewish, and many ways to express Judaism. Building a Jewish identity takes multiple inputs - synagogue services, attending religion school, being at a Jewish day school, and taking part in clubs, all work together to develop a young person's sense of being Jewish.

We have designed Kochavim so that your children can learn how to lead a Jewish life, whilst familiarising themselves with the community, and feeling as though they are part of it.

Kochavim is very far indeed from the old fashioned idea of 'cheder’. 

We run a sociable programme where we try to foster friendships and familiarity, whilst giving children a choice as to how they learn about Judaism – whether through arts and crafts, cooking, discussions or singing with others.

We are very proud of our teaching and learning of Hebrew; our children learn a basic Hebrew vocabulary, helping them to become successful Hebrew readers.

The Kochavim Vision

  • To create a strong sense of Jewish community for children and families

  • To make Judaism an integral part of our members' lives

  • To make Jewish learning a life-long and enjoyable endeavour

How can you be involved?

Although it is your children attending Kochavim, by signing up to our system, you are a valuable part of it. There are several ways that you can be part of Kochavim; from doing security duty, to supporting your child with completing their Hebrew homework, to simply helping them choose their options for the forthcoming year.

Whatever way you choose, we want you to be partners in your child’s Jewish education. 

Mon, 6 December 2021 2 Tevet 5782