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How Massuot Hebrew Works

One of the goals of Massuot is to make sure that you feel comfortable with reading Hebrew words and understand enough about how the language works to read your Torah portion and to feel confident with the siddur (prayer book).

Regardless of how comfortable you feel with reading Hebrew, or even if you have never seen the Hebrew Aleph Bet, our Hebrew Ulpanim (courses) will give you all the confidence you need to feel ready to start your B'nei Mitzvah journey.

You will be introduced to different Hebrew fonts, the small signs that indicate musical notes and get lots of tips to help you reading and chanting your Torah portion.

Over the time dedicated to your BM journey, you will have 2 different opportunities to learn and practice your Hebrew reading.

You must complete a Hebrew programme before you begin Friday Group, and you will receive an email letting you know which ulpanim are most suited to your personal timeline.

We are so lucky to have such large cohorts at FRS, but in order to accommodate everyone fairly, we treat Ulpan bookings as non-transferable, so that everyone is able to access a session at the appropriate time on their journey. If you anticipate that this may present a problem for you, please be in touch with us at the earliest opportunity.

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