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Maya Gottlieb
Senior Youth Worker

Hi! I'm Maya, the Senior Youth Worker. 

I've been working at FRS since October 2018, first as a madricha at TAP and teacher at Kochavim, and then joined our wonderful youth team in February 2019 as youth worker.

As one of the youth workers, I organise and run a large part of the informal educational programs for all ages up to 18, from our Hadracha leadership training program to Summer and Feb Schemes, to residentials, sleepovers and away days. I think it's really the most fun job at FRS!

I grew up in Israel, the US, and France, and moved to London in 2016 to study at SOAS, then found FRS and now I'm here for the long-term! Secretly though, (or maybe not so secretly now) my primary reason for moving to London was to be around so much theatre, which I spend all my non-FRS time exploring.

I'm also a lifelong collector of "The Babysitters Club" book series, Jumble puzzle unscrambler, and my metaphorical Hashkiveinu shelter would be a rainy day spent walking in the woods.

Mon, 15 July 2024 9 Tammuz 5784