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Rabbi Deborah Blausten

1st Day Rosh Hashana 5781

You can listen to Rabbi Deborah’s sermon, together with Cantor Zöe singing Sa’akhi, Sa’akhi or read the sermon below.


When McDonalds opened its first store in Moscow in 1990 they faced a host of challenges. They brought a menu full of unfamiliar dishes and ingredients that needed importing, the logo was in the Latin alphabet, and indeed the very idea of fast food was a relative...Read more...

Rabbi Howard Cooper

Erev Rosh Hashana 5781

I’ve been thinking a lot this last few days about Spike Milligan – who else would you think about at Rosh Hashanah? –  and the epitaph he chose for his tombstone “I told you I was ill”. Maybe this is just how my mind works, making this connection, but it feels like every High Holy Days, for I don’t know how long, there’s one theme I would return to, a touchstone for what’s at the heart of this...Read more...

Sat, 21 May 2022 20 Iyar 5782