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Israel Resources and Events

War in Israel feels personal; it is war on our family, friends and it’s our identity under attack. Services and other spaces which enabled us to come together have provided us with time to be together in our shared grief.

We have been asked by CST to take extra precautionary measures in our security at this time. Our gates will be closed unless until people are entering the building. We will not be able to hold it open even when we can see you approaching. Please be patient at this time, it may therefore look less welcoming than usual but please be assured our gates are being flung wide open for you as always but sadly it’s needing to be done a little more metaphorically at the moment than we would like.

Given the current situation, we are as always happy to welcome non-members to FRS, but are asking them to let us know in advance that they are coming. Please email

A note from our clergy

The war in Israel has touched many within our FRS community, and we know that many members are holding grief and worry for family members, friends and those in our wider networks.

Over the next few weeks we'll be creating space within our services for memory, and to hold each other through moments of uncertainty as families wait for news. If you would like to share someone's name with us for us to think of and name particularly then please click here and let us know.

We are all aware of the awful plight  of the hostages held in Gaza, over 200 from more than 25 countries and aged from 9 months to over 80 years old. People around the world are continuing to campaign for their release, and one of the ways we can support this effort is by sharing and distributing the posters created. These posters can currently be collected from FRS under the main reception desk in the atrium.

Emergency Security Appeal

Since the horrific attacks on 7th October, FRS has continually been reviewing our security for Shabbat services, our Kindergarten and our regular programmes and activities. This has seen the following:

  • Increase to two professional security guards for all services
  • Additional security items to keep our volunteers safe and warm have been purchased
  • Some adjustments to our building infrastructure are in progress to enhance our security

We want to remind the community that the FRS building is very secure, and was designed in partnership with CST who have been incredibly supportive, providing bespoke training and an emergency grant from the government.  However, we still have a significant shortfall so are turning to our wonderful community to ask for help at this difficult time.

We need to raise £10,000. We are a community of nearly 1,000 families and if each family donated a minimum of £10, we would cover these costs.  Please click here to make a donation. 




Resources for general support

Resources for wellbeing

Resources for youth and students

Resources for grief

Ways you can help



Jewish Community Briefing 
Sunday 29 October 6:30pm
The briefing includes a high level update on the situation in Israel. We will also share information about the collective work of our communal organisations and what you as community members can do to assist. You can watch back this briefing here.

Resources for general support

Arzenu is the political voice of Reform, Progressive and Liberal Religious Zionists within the World Zionist Organisation and its subsidiaries. They have a range of resources to help the global Reform Jewish community.
Click here to access their flyer with resources and prayers.
Click here to watch their solidarity webinar and hear stories from those directly impacted.
Click here to be directed to Arzenu's Stand With Israel page which has prayers and additional resources collated by their partner organisations.

Board of Deputies of British Jews
The Board of Deputies of British Jews is a democratically-elected representative body in the UK Jewish community. They are the first port of call for the Government, the media and others seeking to understand Jewish community interests and concerns.
They currently offer a range of resources from community briefings, wellbeing tips and news updates. You can find these on their website. They also have a weekly briefing that provides up to date news of British Jews. You can sign up here. 

The Civil Service Jewish Network 
In response to any terrorist attack which affects British Nationals, the Home Office’s Victims of Terrorism Unit co-ordinates support for victims and survivors to ensure they get the right support in a timely way. Anyone who feels impacted by the ongoing conflict will be supported if they live in the UK, whether that be someone who has suffered physical, mental or emotional harm, those who have been bereaved and witnesses.
The VTU funds specific support services to provide practical and emotional support to victims and survivors of terrorist attacks, which is set out in our leaflet attached. The funding covers a 24/7 support line, mental health assessments and referrals and access to long-term peer support networks:
- Victim Support operates a 24/7 support line for anyone affected by a terrorist attack, whether they were directly involved, a witness, or feel otherwise impacted by the event, regardless of when it happened. Their number is 0808 168 9111 and is free to call. Victim Support can then refer onto other services, depending on the need of the individual.
- South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust’s service focuses on outreach, screening, assessment and onwards referral for psychological treatments.
- The Peace Foundation facilitate a long-term peer support network for victims and survivors of terrorism and provide one-to-one casework support.
Further information on the support available can be found online at We recommend that anyone who wishes to seek support contacts Victim Support in the first instance on 0808 168 9111 (free and available 24/7).

The Community Security Trust (CST) is a charity that protects British Jews from antisemitism and related threats. They are recognised by police and work across the Jewish community. 
CST supports people with reports of antisemitism. You can report antisemitic incidents by calling 0800 032 3263 or emailing
They also offer a range of educational resources, support students, and offer volunteering roles. To read more about CST and acces their resources, please visit

JLC Community Briefing
The Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) has created a portal for information and resources  during this time, please click here to view the webpage. The JLC held a briefing on Sunday 29 October to discuss the latest responses and collective work that has been done by communal organisations to support the community, as well as an up to date response from the IDF. Click here to watch the recording.

Navigating workplace issues arising from the war in Israel
The Board of Deputies of British Jews has created a guide for Jewish employees to support navigating issues during the war in Israel. It has advice on how to handle difficult conversations, how to report antisemitism in the workplace, and additional contacts including legal advice. To access this resource, please click here.

Online Briefing for Parents of Jewish Students at University
Join the Board of Deputies, Community Security Trust, Union of Jewish Students and University Jewish Chaplaincy for an online briefing with the Minister of State for Higher Education for parents of students in light of the war between Israel and Hamas, and the rise in antisemitic incidents here in the UK. This event will give the latest information, guidance and reassurance to parents at the current time. Click here to watch the recording of the briefing.

Resources for wellbeing

Top Tips for Psychological Wellbeing
Click here to access a leaflet prepared by two top psychologists, Dr Nikki Scheiner and Dr Amanda Lurie, that provides tips for managing anxiety and maintaining psychological wellbeing.

Self-care for managing anxiety
Hearing about such traumatic events can impact mental health and increase anxiety. The mental health charity Mind has some resources for managing anxiety and panic. Click here to access their website.

Resources for youth and students

The Union of Jewish Students (UJS) is a union of Jewish Societies on campuses across the UK. They aim to lead, defend and enrich Jewish life on campus. 
Speaking to like-minded people and coming together as a community can be especially helpful during difficult times. If you are a student and would like to get support from the Jewish Society (JSoc) at your university, UJS have resources on their website to help you get in touch with the right people. Click here to find your JSoc.
UJS also have a dedicated welfare hotline for students 020 7424 3288.

Resources for grief

Message from the Jewish Joint Burial Society
We, the JJBS, stand in solidarity with the people of Israel and pray for the immediate return of the hostages. We strongly condemn the barbaric acts committed by Hamas and hope for a lasting peace in the region. Whilst many other organisations will offer a gateway to further information on a regular basis, the JJBS Memorial Garden, set in the Western Cemetery, is open to all who wish to sit in a peaceful setting to reflect on the past few days, or to mourn for those known to have been murdered.

Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service (JBCS)
JBCS provides professional counselling for those struggling with issues of grief and loss. They offer both in-person and virtual sessions. For more information, visit their website You can also contact them via email at and by phone at 020 8951 3881

Ways you can help

IMPJ emergency aid
In response to the military and human emergency in Israel, the Israel Reform Movement, along with its Rabbis, congregations, and volunteers, is mobilizing to aid those directly affected in the Shaar Ha Negev (Gaza Envelope) region and across central and southern Israel as they grapple with the ongoing crises. Our humanitarian fund, Keren b’ Kavod, has initiated collaboration with authorities and partner NGOs to assess needs and is devising plans to dispatch volunteers and supplies directly to settlements and shelters amidst the conflict. Reform congregations across Israel are generously offering their members’ homes and facilities to provide temporary housing and pastoral counseling, facilitated by our Rabbis, for those in distress. Specifically, our group home for adults with mental disabilities, Bayit B’Kehillah in Modiin, requires targeted activities and professional services to assist residents in facing the unique challenges presented. Most critically, our Sha’ar Ha Negev congregation, led by Rabbi Yael Vurgan, urgently requires aid to support traumatized residents in various capacities.
Your contributions would be greatly appreciated in aiding the IMPJ’s efforts to provide immediate assistance where it is needed most and to those who have been hit hard and traumatized in so many ways.
Click here to read more and donate.

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