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Please help support our Muslim Neighbours

Markaz, the Centre for Islamic Enlightening, is facing a struggle for justice, and needs our help. 

They have bought the site of the old Golders Green Hippodrome for use as a cultural centre. However, a well organised Islamophobic group is campaigning to prevent Barnet Council giving them planning permission. The Hippodrome was previously used as a Christian cultural centre, so its fundamental use is not going to change, and the objections are therefore clearly racially aggravated. 
The group have engaged an Islamophobic lawyer to lead their objections – a lawyer who prides himself on his nick-name, “The Mosque Buster”.

Rabbi Miriam Berger and the FRS Council are asking for your personal help to oppose this injustice, by sending a message of support for the centre to Barnet Council. We have pledged that FRS will send 100 messages as part of the local Citizens UK alliance.

When FRS applied for planning permission for our new building, the Somali Bravanese Muslim community were fully behind us. Now, it is our turn to ‘pay it forward’ and stand shoulder to shoulder with our Muslim neighbours.

How do I send a message?
Simply click this link which will open an email containing a message of support. There are places in the message where you need to fill in some personal details. And of course, you can also amend the message if you wish, to make it more personal. Please bcc (blind copy) so we can track how the campaign is progressing.  Thank you!

Click here to send an email message to Barnet Council


Thu, 21 October 2021 15 Cheshvan 5782