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Building Community Together - what did you tell us?

FRS Consultation Events 2023

During October and November a number of consultation events were held to gather input on:
• who are we as FRS? 
• what do we value? 
• what or how might we want to change, grow, or develop? 

So, what did you tell us? We have summarised below some of the key messages and insights that we heard through the consultations and from the responses to our online form.

- Welcoming and inclusive
- Innovative
- Creative
- We show leadership on social and moral issues
- Socially purposeful - our role within the external Jewish and non-Jewish community
- Bring meaning to experiences
- Spiritually adventurous
- The importance of music
- Tolerant of difference
- Responsive to the changing needs of the community (e.g. special needs requirements) and reactive to what's going on in the world (Ukraine, Israel etc.)

- A stronger and clearer Israel connection
- Greater focus on adult education
- More balance of religion as well as spirituality - sources, texts etc.  More Torah learning and basics
- Continue to play a key part in shaping the future of reform / progressive Judaism in the UK
- More of a 'Limmud' style approach   
- Make sure our inclusive approach doesn't veer into 'cliques'
- Continue to be a place of 'firsts' e.g. same-sex marriage, B’yachad, Dementia accreditation, Betty’s Bike.
- More events on a wide range of subjects 
- Additional professional and voluntary support for pastoral work
- Better gender balance - in both clergy, professional and lay leadership
- Challenge ourselves more on sustainability / environmental impact

- Welcoming and able to relate to a real mix of people
- Creative, inventive and with imagination
- Values everyone from the youngest to the oldest - all generations count
- A dynamic and accessible leader
- Without arrogance or self-importance
- A strong ambassador for the synagogue
- Someone who is genuinely present for both members and staff
- Emotionally intelligent and empathetic
- Lives and embodies Reform / Progressive Judaism - passionate about engaging people in Judaism
- Humility, sincerity, conviction
- Spiritual and religious leadership, able to inspire with their knowledge of Torah, Hebrew and Reform Judaism
- Works well and collaboratively with colleagues and staff
- Understands the dynamics of a diverse community and is able to build on and promote that dynamism
- A good communicator, and a compassionate person who cares about our members 
- Someone who embodies the values of FRS

Tue, 16 April 2024 8 Nisan 5784