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Life Skills


We're sad to announce that we're putting the Life Skills programme on hold for now.  Please keep an eye on your inboxes for updates and more plans.


Life Skills is a new and exciting monthly programme for teens and young adults in year 12 through to the end of university. The programme, which will be running throughout 2022, offers a range of insightful, informative and useful workshops covering a range of topics and skills that we all need, but that we might not have been taught in school! The programme is operating by a pick 'n' mix sign up process, meaning you can sign up for any number of sessions should the title tickle your fancy.  Scroll down for more details on the individual sessions!

Each workshop will run from 3-5pm (depending on the topic, some may be longer) and will be run either by the FRS youth team or an external facilitator who is an expert in their field. Additionally, snacks will also be provided. Please do not hesitate to contact our Youth Educator, Joel, should you have any questions about the programme content. Joel can be reached on

Member/non-member price = £7.50/10.00 per session. If you are an FRS member, please ensure a parent signs in before payment in order to get the member discount.



Here's more information on the sessions:

Workshops will run 3-5pm on Sundays, unless otherwise stated.

Feb 6 - Eating Well at Uni – Written and run by Joel, in collaboration with a professional nutritionist.

“Eating well at university” takes healthy eating back to basics. This workshop dispels common myths about food and the food groups. We will taste our way through the workshop, exploring easy and healthy dishes, with an eye on costs. This session is for anyone interested in good and healthy food, but worried that it might end up costing the world.

As well as working for FRS, Joel is a keen cook, and runs his own vegetarian supper club out of his flat in Kings Cross. He has spent years exploring the best seasonal produce in the UK and, given that he is in his 7th year of higher education, he also knows a bit about bagging a bargain when you’re a student

March 13 - Consent and Staying Safe - Written and run by Rachel Vogler, Ph.D. student and founder of ‘Houselights’, a charity supporting the arts industry in the UK to cultivate safe working practice for everyone.

This session focuses on consent and power dynamics in the modern university and workplace context. Rachel will address several key legal and social issues surrounding consent and sexual violence, and will offer resources regarding how to educate about sexual violence and how to talk about consent in a calm and open way. This session will be suitable for everyone.

May 15 - Confronting Antisemitism on campus - written and run by CST and co-run by youth workers, Maya and Dani

This session addresses the issue of anti-Semitism on British University campuses, both as something linked to activism surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and as a stand-alone problem. CST will provide resources on how to and where to report antisemitism, as well as discuss means with which to address it. The session situates anti-Semitism within the political context of university life, drawing on past experiences and the latest statistics.

June 19 - Academic Writing Skills – written and run by Joel (Ph.D. student and Teaching Assistant at UCL) in correspondence with Anouska Plaut (Senior Lecturer and Academic Skills Tutor at the Herts Business school)

This session works to dispel some of the common myths linked with ideas of what it is to be ‘academic’ as well as how to write in a way that will bring success in academic life. We will look at some of the most common formatting, grammatical, and language mistakes made by students at university. We will use several practical exercises, including peer-review, to provide a framework for your own improvement in academic contexts, as well as how to gleam information from sources and apply them to writing in the most efficient means possible.

September 11 - Uni finances and budgeting – facilitator TBC

This session will be your bible to managing your finances at university. As well as breaking down the costs of university life, including how and where to acquire funding, the workshop will look at some of the key ways to manage your finances, and even make a little bit of dough on the side!

October 23 - Time management and Work/Life Balance - written by Joel in correspondence with Juliet Landau-Pope (time management life coach) and Anouska Plaut (Senior Lecturer and Academic Skills Tutor at the Herts Business school).

Everyone is short on time these days. This workshop aims to reframe how we view our uses of time, as well as collapse the idea that productivity comes from burning the wick at both ends. We will discuss some of the latest research regarding attention retention and will put some biological facts behind how to manage our time better. This session is key for those who find that there just isn’t enough time in the day.

November 13 - First Aid – Run by St John’s Ambulance Service

You never know when you will be first on the scene…! This workshop provides participants with the fundamentals of first aid. From burns, to broken bones, bleeding to heart attacks, this session is a great opportunity for all participants on the Life Skills course to learn some highly practical life-changing skills. As well as this, First Aid courses are great on CVs!

December 11 - Career Planning – Facilitator TBC

Don’t know what to do with your life after school or university? Feel like you are a tiny fish in a big, big pond? Good! You’re on the money! Finishing education at any level and entering the adult working world can be hugely daunting. This workshop aims to show you that this pond is actually a reservoir of opportunities. The world truly is your oyster. In this workshop, participants will learn about key CV writing skills, as well as building a professional image on sites such as LinkedIn.


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   6 February - Eating well at uni
   13 March - Consent & staying safe
   15 May - Antisemitism on campus
   19 June - Academic writing skills
   11 September - Finances & Budgeting
   23 October - work/life balance
   13 November - First Aid
   11 December - Career Planning
If you have selected more than one space for any booking, please list the names and contact details for any additional participants.  If the second participant would like to attend different sessions from the first named participant, please make a new booking.


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