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FRS Kindergarten is committed to providing a high quality and fun learning experience for our children during the Pandemic, closely following Government guidance and that of Public Health England and the local authority.

To ensure that the Kindergarten remains as safe as possible for all, we will be implementing measures, which will require the cooperation of all parents, teachers and children. We realise that some of these measures will cause inconvenience, but safety is paramount and we will rely on these measures being fully adhered to in order to remain safe and stay open.

Due to the changing nature of the situation, we will be reviewing our Covid-19 policies and procedures on an on-going basis. Any updates will be communicated in a timely and effective way to all stakeholders. Operational planning will be carried out termly, rather than annually.

We are grateful for the cooperation and support received from our families and the wider FRS community during this challenging time.

Barnet Risk Assessment for Re-opening PVI Settings
FRS Covid-19 Handbook 1st March 2022 
Parent Quotes

Policy Amendments from 1st June ‘20

Covid-19 Animals in the setting
Covid-19 Children’s Records Policy
Covid-19 Fire Evac -Drill Allocation
Covid-19 First Aid Policy
Covid-19 Health & Safety general standards
Covid-19 Managing children who are sick, infectious or with allergies
Covid-19 Promoting Positive Behaviour
Covid-19 Recording and reporting of accidents
Covid-19 Safeguarding and Child Protection
Covid-19 Staff and volunteer conduct

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